Mr. Seth Ney

Mr. Seth Ney
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Seth Ney (pronounced “Nigh”) is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas and has studied abroad in Mexico, Egypt, Cuba, Ireland, Peru, and Costa Rica.  He has also earned his Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning and his K-12 Administrative License from St. Mary’s University.  Mr. Ney and his wife, Elise, just celebrated their fourteenth wedding anniversary. They have a seven-year-old daughter named Addie who is in Second Grade this year and a five-year-old son named Brady who is starting Kindergarten. In his spare time, Mr. Ney enjoys hunting, fishing, being outdoors, golfing, running, reading, and home improvement projects.  Mr. Ney has taught Fifth Grade at Friendly Hills for fourteen years and is also the Middle School Targeted Services Coordinator for Friendly Hills and Heritage.


Homeroom 8:40-9:00
1st Hour 9:02-10:06
2nd Hour 10:08-11:13
Recess             11:13-11:35   
Lunch 11:39-12:03
4th Hour 12:07-1:11
5th Hour 1:13-2:17
6th Hour 2:21-3:15

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