Summer Reading Contest


Summer Reading

Great books have great characters. Great students show character by going above and beyond expectations. Summer is a great time to relax, but also a time to keep reading, even when it isn’t a school assignment. Reading is a great way to keep the brain healthy and active over the summer, just like other summer activities keep the body healthy and active. A great way for a student to show character is by reading 5 or more books during the summer.

To help you reach that goal, each year the IMC sponsors a summer reading contest. This year our contest focuses on favorite characters - to receive credit for completing a book, students will tell a little bit about a favorite character in the book.

Each year the winners of the summer reading contest get to select a free book from the Fall Book Fair. We will have winners by grade for most pages read and most books read during the summer.  In addition to the winners for each grade, any student who reads at least 5 books will be entered in a drawing for gift certificates for the Fall Book Fair ($2 up to $10). Your parents and brothers and sisters can record their reading as well and you could win the family summer reading prizes at the FHMS Fall Family Dinner.

To enter the summer reading contest, students (and family members) can record their books in a Google Form on the Friendly Hills IMC web page.

In the form you will enter:

  • Your name and grade.

  • The title and author of the book.

  • The number of pages in the book.

  • The name of your favorite character in the book and why you liked that character.

Show your character by reading about great characters and entering the FHMS Summer Reading Contest!