Middle School Athletics Adopts Warrior Mascot
Middle School Athletics Adopts Warrior Mascot
Posted on 09/17/2015

Starting this winter both district middle schools will transition to using the Warrior name and colors for all athletics.

For the past several months, the Heritage Boosters, Friendly Hills PTA and district administrators, have been reaching out to stakeholders to propose the idea of retiring the falcon (Friendly Hills) and hawk (Heritage) mascots.

Most of the middle school teams have informally been identifying with the Warrior mascot and colors for some time, however, both schools have decided to now make the change official.

Read on for more information about this exciting change.

What is being proposed?
Currently, Friendly Hills Middle School uses the Falcon as its mascot. Heritage E-STEM Magnet Middle School uses the Hawk as its mascot. Moving forward, the middle schools would use the Warrior as their mascot and the colors red and gold for athletics, which are the mascot and colors of Henry Sibley High School.

Why do Friendly Hills and Heritage want to switch to using the Warrior mascot for athletics?
Over the past few months the Friendly Hills PTA and the Heritage Boosters parent groups have led discussions about the middle school mascots. Both groups felt that a change was warranted and offered benefits for the schools and the district. Reasons for the change include:
- An opportunity to officially unify the athletic teams at the secondary schools in the district
- Middle school students currently play on high school teams
- Many middle school teams utilize jerseys and equipment passed down from the high school that already include the Warrior mascot
- Several middle school teams currently include students from both schools, so two mascots is unnecessary
- Creates another connection to Henry Sibley High School
- A great way to strengthen the school district community

When will the transition to the Warrior mascot occur?
As mentioned above, many middle school teams are already using the Warrior mascot and the colors red and gold. Regardless, all middle school teams would transition to the Warrior mascot by the start of winter sports for this school year.

Will Heritage still use their magnet school logo?
Yes. Heritage will still use their current logo for all school business and communication. The Warrior logo would only be used for athletics. School clubs and organizations would not use the Warrior logo, unless so desired.

What will Friendly Hills use as their school’s visible identity?
Friendly Hills staff, administrators and parents are currently developing logo options for the school. More information and a sneak peek at the final options will be available in the coming weeks.

Will the warrior logo used at the middle school and the warrior mascot used at the high school be different?
The warrior graphic used at the middle school will be slightly different (see below) than the graphic used at the  high school in an effort to maintain individuality for Henry Sibley High School.

If you have any questions about the mascot transition, please contact Principal Hiti or Melissa Zeleny at Quack1029@comcast.net.

Middle School Warriors
Middle School Warriors Logo

High School Warriors
High School Warriors Logo