Mr. Scott Reddy

Mr. Scott Reddy 
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Scott Reddy I have been teaching in ISD 197 since the fall of 1993.  I teach Health/Physical Education and Adaptive Physical Education at Friendly Hills and past years have also taught at Garlough, Pilot Knob, and Heritage. I received a B.A. from Gustavus Adolphus College, and an M.Ed. from the U of Minnesota. Over the years I have coached numerous ISD 197 middle school sports, hockey at the high school level, and several sports my sons played.  My wife and I have three  sons and we spend time going to events, relaxing at our family cabin, and traveling.

For all 7th/8th grade announcements and assignments are in student's Canvas.
All 5th and 6th grade announcements and assignments are in Canvas. 

Fitness logs are due, no later than, the last school day of each month. (They are available in Canvas.)

7-8 HEALTH: Health is a separate grade from Physical Education class. About six days each quarter students will be in the classroom focusing on health topics. At the end of the school year, a final grade will be given that is worth a quarter grade. A folder will be required for the classroom portion of Health. All Health classroom late work is due a week after the health unit is complete. Much of the health class will be discussion led and activities. 

All handouts for the Health unit are found in Canvas. 




​ **Dates and units are subject to change depending on the weather, etc. 

Friendly Hills 7/8 Health/Physical Education classes use an alternating day schedule, every other day.  Our 5/6 Physical education classes meet every third day 1, 2, 3.  

Advisory7th 8:45-9:05
Hour 1     6th 9:10-10:04
Hour 2     7/8 10:06-11:00
Hour 3 7/8 (odd days) 11:04-11:58
                                   (even Days)      11:32-12:26
Hour 4     Prep
Hour 5 7/8 1:28-2:22 Hour 6 5th 2:26-3:20