Post-holiday theft prevention tips
Post-holiday theft prevention tips
Posted on 01/03/2014

With school back in session after the holidays, students may be bringing expensive gifts with them to school. Historically, there is an increase in theft activity in school after winter break. Items most commonly stolen include smart phones, headphones, as well as popular brands of shoes, jackets and clothing. To avoid becoming a victim, students and parents should take a minute to read over the following theft prevention tips from Sibley’s Liaison Officer, Jen Fordham.

Theft Prevention Tips

  • Always keep electronic devices (cell phones, iPods or MP3 players) and clothing (jackets/jeans/shoes/boots) in locked lockers. Your school locker is one of the safest places to keep personal items!
  • Do not put cell phones/MP3 players in the outside pocket of a backpack. They are easily accessible to someone who sits near you in a classroom or who may be walking near you in the hallway.
  • Do not leave valuables behind when leaving class to use the bathroom or complete projects.
  • Use available tracking applications and software. Keep devices password protected.
  • Keep a record of serial numbers at home in a safe place. Keep original boxes and receipts.
  • Find a way to distinctively mark/identify clothing items, especially jackets and shoes (Example: use marker to write initials on inside tags/labels).
  • If you can’t find a way to lock up an item, don’t bring/wear it to school. If an item doesn’t fit in your locker, ask a staff member for help (Example: large boots don’t fit in gym lockers) or don’t bring/wear it school.

Students are encouraged to report suspicious people and activity to the main office.

Find more theft and crime prevention tips on the National Crime Prevention Council website,

Thank you for your help in maintaining our safe school community!