FHMS First Annual Element Day
FHMS celebrated Element Day
Posted on 02/03/2014


FHMS Element Day

The First Annual Element Day took place at FHMS on December 20, 2013. Students in the Sixth Grade have been studying about the Periodic Table and the massive amount of information that goes with the elements. As a way of demonstrating their knowledge and having fun at the same time, students chose an element that best reflected their own characteristics or one that they liked or wanted to learn more about. The students then created an element tile with information about their element and were encouraged to dress in the color of that element (natural state, when put under a flame, or as a metal, metalloid, or nonmetal). The fun interactive learning earned them a project grade based on their tile's info and fabulous prizes for the best dressed elements.

Pictured are the Sixth Grade students on Element Day. On the Periodic Table, Blue represents the Metal elements, Green represents the Metalloids, and Red represents the nonmetals.