Special Education
Special education is specially designed instruction based on the needs of an individual student. As required by law, School District 197 provides a free, appropriate public education to about 900 students with disabilities from birth through age 21 who attend both public and private schools. A team develops, implements and reviews each student’s individual program. Please see School District 197’s Special Education section for more information.

Friendly Hills' Special Education team is dedicated to helping each individual child achieve success. Staff are devoted to students and leave no stone unturned in their quest to help each one achieve his or her potential.


Anne Barnes, Developmental Cognitive Disabilities (DCD) Teacher
651-403-7636 | anne.barnes@isd197.org

Karen Bird, 5th Grade Special Education Teacher
651-403-7686 | karen.bird@isd197.org | webpage

Alexandra Hodson
, Occupational Therapist
651-403-8128 | alexandra.hodson@isd197.org

Mary Jo Hangge, Special Education Teacher 
641-403-XXXX | maryjo.hangge@isd197.org | about me

Theresa HultingSpeech-Language Pathologist 
651-403-XXXX | theresa.hulting@isd197.org

Rachel London-Nyhus, School Psychologist
651-403-7600 | rachel.londonnyhus@isd197.org

Jane McAllister, Special Education Teacher
651-403-7600 | jane.mcallister@isd197.org | webpage

Jocelyn MogrenSpeech-Language Pathologist 
651-403-XXXX | jocelyn.mogren@isd197.org

Judy Motzko, Occupational Therapist
651-403-7714 | judy.motzko@isd197.org

Kelly Solberg, 6th Grade Special Education Teacher
651-403-7656 | kelly.solberg@isd197.org | webpage

Maxwell Turrentine, Special Education Teacher
651-403-7600 | maxwell.turrentine@isd197.org | webpage

Andrea Weigenant, 7th Grade Special Education Teacher

651-403-7694 | andrea.weigenant@isd197.org webpage